Greetings Seaside Families,

As many of you know in the past one of the key sources of funds for the Seaside PTA has been through Direct Donation requests for each family. These direct donations have historically accounted for at least 50% of the PTA funds each year.

These Direct Donations have enabled us to provide a better school experience for all of our children by funding activities such as Adventures in Art, Field Trips, Fun Assemblies and Movie Night.

As we all know, the year 2020 has presented unique and unprecedented challenges for all of us individually and for the collective Seaside community. In consideration of the current circumstances the PTA has decided to also do something unprecedented by foregoing the request for Direct Donations for this year.

Even though the current situation has all Seaside students learning at home, the PTA is hopeful that before this school year is finished our children and our teachers will have the opportunity to be physically together again in their classrooms. Despite the uncertainty of when that will happen, the PTA is committed to working positively toward doing the activities that have traditionally enhanced our children’s school experience. To do this, the Fundraising Committee is continuing to work on events that can raise funds for the PTA.

Some people in the Seaside community have reached out to understand how they can contribute to the PTA in lieu of the traditional Direct Donation. In response to this the Fundraising Committee has created the VDC (Voluntary Donation Club). The VDC will enable any Seaside family that is able and willing to donate to the PTA, to do so with the same benefits as the traditional Direct Donation.  This means, that the VDC funds will still go to making the school year better for our kids, and in addition your VDC contribution is still tax deductible as permitted by law (Fed Tax ID# 95-620-7370) and will qualify should your employer have a charitable matching funds program. 

There are two ways you can donate to the VDC. First is to go online at The second is to write a check payable to Seaside PTA and mail to the school.  Seaside Elementary, 4651 Sharynne Lane, Torrance CA 90505. Please put in the memo of your check “VDC Fund”.

We understand that the impact of the coronavirus on each family has varied greatly and unfortunately the extent of the impact is by nature random. The coronavirus is hopefully a once in a lifetime event that can help bring our community together and make it stronger by supporting each other, which is a fantastic lesson for our children to learn.

We thank you for your consideration and possible contribution to the VDC and look forward to the day we can all be together at a fun and educational PTA event for the kids.

Seaside PTA